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Would you want your Facebook page memorialized?

Would you want your Facebook page memorialized?  Would you want it frozen in time forever?  Or would you want it deleted? As an administrator of a page, I would want my Being Catholic … Really page to continue and my daughter would be the perfect choice to do that if she’s willing.  I don’t really... Read more »

Would You Follow Jesus? On Twitter? On Facebook?

Would you follow Jesus? Would you follow Him on Twitter? Would you follow Him on Facebook? It is the question asked in this video by IgniterMedia. The question is as old as time. The video puts the question in a modern social media setting. Jesus gains followers on Twitter, then loses them as people question... Read more »

The Morning After: Reflections on the Presidential Election

After attending a wake last evening, I followed my twitter account for a bit.  I didn’t have the enthusiasm for the election results that I probably should have had.  I said my nightly rosary which, fitting enough, were the Sorrowful Mysteries. Two things do stand out for me in this election than any other that I... Read more »

Bumper to Bumper on the Communication Highway

Navigating social media when you’re not exactly a twenty-something (*cough*) can be a challenge.  Because of my blog, I’ve learned to use WordPress,  Facebook, twitter, TweetDeck and Google +!  Whew!  Stand back.  I think my brain is going to explode! My biggest problem (outside of writing every day) is managing my news feeds.  The communication highway can... Read more »