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The Giant Roach At the Side of My Bed

Not too long ago I was having a little trouble getting to sleep.  As I turned over toward our bedroom window, I imagined seeing a roach the size of a large dog under the window.  Antenna moving slightly. Sounds like a horror movie doesn’t it? I knew it wasn’t there.  It was my very vivid... Read more »

Remembering Red

Three years ago today, we had to put our big, bad dog to sleep.  I was thinking about her the other day, so please indulge a dog lover, and let me tell you the story about Red. Red came into our lives by “accident” though our family used to joke that she was “sent” to... Read more »

Putting Away the Christmas Tree

While I was taking down the Christmas tree I started to pause and look at some of the ornaments.  Many brought back a flood of memories.  The ornament that commemorates “our first Christmas” as a married couple, our sons’ first Christmas ornaments and our daughter’s.  She has the most because she arrived six weeks before... Read more »