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Real Discrimination

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Usually on my Facebook page things are pretty calm, but every once in a while the conversation gets very heated.  I do have to give everybody credit for keeping things civil though. I’m usually the one who loses it and has to walk away from the computer!  When I return, those with clearer heads have prevailed... Read more »

The Obama Catholics

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I think I know several of the seventy-five percent of those Catholics who don’t go to Church in Michael Voris’ video.  And the moniker “Obama Catholics” literally turns my blood cold and makes my stomach churn. In his campaign and early days of his presidency, Obama touted hope and change and when it didn’t happen,... Read more »

Barack 'Herod' Obama

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Michael Voris is what I would call a “pit bull Catholic.”  Once he sinks his teeth in, he doesn’t let go.  There are times when he is extreme but in this case, I don’t think he is. When our president announced he was for gay marriage, my first thought was “he’s going to do anything... Read more »

Our Blessed Lord and the Hobbit

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When I was in high school everyone was reading The Lord of the Rings.  I think I picked it up once but soon abandoned it.  Fantasy was never my thing.  And to this day, I haven’t read it. I have always loved to read until I got to high school.  Reading “literature” killed it for... Read more »

A Sexual Fantasy World

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Talking with our kids about sex can be awkward.  After my parents argued about the subject, my father handed me a paperback book, complete with illustrations! Back then, I wasn’t pummeled with sexual images from the media, unless you can call reading the articles in Playboy being pummeled.  It was a very different world back... Read more »