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Pentecost Sunday in Two Minutes and Happy Birthday to the Catholic Church

Pentecost Sunday is the birthday of the Catholic Church. ¬†As we celebrate that and the descent of the Holy Spirit, let’s keep this in mind: If we want the world to take Catholicism seriously, we must first take it seriously ourselves. That means making radical changes to the ways we live our lives. We need... Read more »

You Are Peter ... Louise Perrotta

You Are Peter ... Louise Perrotta
In the popular imagination, the head of the apostles has been typecast as a sort of bouncer at the doors of a celestial supper club – Saint Peter at the pearly gates. ¬†Though this picture may make for a few good jokes, it does not fit his actual job description. Jesus Christ, in fact, is... Read more »

Happy Birthday!

Archbishop Timothy Dolan of New York can explain Pentacost way better than I can: A Blessed Pentecost Sunday