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How to keep gangbangers away from your kids

                    What we know about the parents of the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, comes to us through the apocryphal gospels: Anne and Joachim are informed separately by an angel that God has blessed their union and that their unborn child will be the Mother... Read more »

Parenting With A Parachute and Trying Not to Drink and Swear

Time magazine, in all it’s infinite wisdom decided to put this picture on it’s cover.  Let the “mommy wars” begin! Here on ChicagoNow, we have a lot of Parenting blogs.  Everything you’ve always wanted to know about raising kids can be found right here and just a click away. I don’t read these blogs often.  Not because I... Read more »

Are Your Kids Spoiled? Mine Aren't!

Are your kids spoiled?  As parents, we’d like to think that our own children are not – just everyone else’s. My husband seems to think that ours are and it is a continual topic of conversation in our household.  I always remind him that in comparison to “other peoples’ children” ours are not.  Our children... Read more »