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Today is Fat Tuesday, or as we like to say in Chicago, Paczki Day

Today is Fat Tuesday or, as we like to say in Chicago, Paczki (pronounced “poonchki”) Day. Today is the last day of indulging in sweets before, Ash Wednesday, which commemorates the beginning of Lent for the Catholic Church as well as most other Christian denominations.  Lent consists of forty days of fasting and prayer (and... Read more »

Happy Fat, Paczki (Poonchkie) or Shrove Tuesday! (And What I'm Going to Try and Give Up for Lent)

Whatever you want to call it, today is the last hurrah before Lent!  Indulgences, excesses and debauchery! Debauchery?  Okay, let’s not go there … What will I “give up” for Lent? 1.  Television? (I can do that, I don’t watch that much anyway.) 2.  Internet?  (Oh, God, no!  That’s out of the question!) 3.  Sweets?... Read more »