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Some Days Are Just Better Then Others

Did you ever have a seemingly perfect day?  A day where just everything falls into place?  A day that has YOUR name on it? As I’m writing this, I’m having that day.  I got up really early (before six!) and, as is my custom, I got my coffee and headed for my laptop.  After my... Read more »

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Years ago, my husband and I were getting ready to sing at a Mass.  We were doing a sound check and he had asked me to sing a little into the mic so he could check the levels.  I burst into an enthusiastic song when I suddenly heard him say, “What the heck?”  When I... Read more »

On a Mission from God

The other day I picked up my 12-string guitar from Old Town School of Folk Music after having it restrung.  When I got home, I took it out of the case and played a few chords.  My eyes filled with tears.  It had been a long time. There’s a scene in the Blues Brothers’ movie where they decide to... Read more »