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Extra! Extra! Nuns Being Scolded and Reprimanded by Bishops!

Nuns in the news?  Stories of nuns being scolded and reprimanded?  Shouldn’t the nuns be doing the scolding and reprimanding? When I was a kid, I wasn’t Catholic so I had very little contact with women religious (or any religious for that matter).  When I became Catholic the nuns that I knew were different from... Read more »

What Would Mother Teresa Give Up For Lent?

Out of the blue, my daughter asks, “What do you think Mother Teresa gave up for Lent?” Mm …  I wonder what the Pope gave up for Lent.  The Bishops.  Nuns.  Priests.  Most priests I know give up sweets during Lent because of growing waist lines! We see clergy and religious as following all the... Read more »