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Combining Your New Year's Resolutions With Your Catholic Faith

Whenever I’m surfing the internet looking for something, I always get distracted and find something else!  More times than not, this is a good thing. I loved Melissa Knoblett-Aman’s article tying in our New Year’s Resolutions with the Catholic faith.  It made so much sense!  Her suggestions are simple and easy to do and I... Read more »

Twelve Things I Wish I Knew at Twenty-Five and My New Year's Resolutions

Reading Fr. Martin’s list (below) got me thinking about my own life.  I, too, reached a milestone this year.  I’m just a little older (cough!) than Father and my life certainly took a different path than his. When I was twenty-five I was somewhere between an agnostic and an atheist depending on the day.  I... Read more »