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Wedding Wishes to a Beatle

You may have heard that Paul McCartney got married on what would have been John Lennon’s 71st birthday, Sunday, October 9.  It seems Paul is forever searching for the happiness he had with his first wife, the late Linda Eastman McCartney.  Hopefully, this time, he has found it. (Picture by Kieran Doherty, REUTERS/October 9, 2011) Here’s a very... Read more »

She Who Sings ... Sings Her Fool Head Off

“He who sings prays twice.” – St. Augustine Singing in church is one of those things where not everyone participates, including me.  If I’m not in the choir, I don’t always join in.  Sometimes I’ll look around and I see a few mouths moving.  Then I’ll be moved by a certain hymn and sing along... Read more »

Voices of Praise

I was talking with Number 2 son and I related an experience I had had quite some time ago.  He asked me if I had written a blog about it.  I realized I hadn’t, so perhaps now’s the time. I was working the Christmas season at a large retailer a few years ago.  My husband’s... Read more »

What Is Your Criteria For Going to Mass?

What is your criteria for going to church?  Do you even go?  I know that a lot of people come from a twelve year Catholic education, but for whatever reason don’t attend Mass.  That’s too bad because when you think about it, your soul is your own responsibility. I’ve heard every excuse imaginable why someone... Read more »