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When You Bring Children To Mass

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My boys are 13 months and one day apart!  Keeping them quiet during Mass could be a real challenge!  My husband and I used to sit near a door in case we had to make a quick exit if one of them got too rambunctious. How do you get your kids to behave in church?

She Who Sings ... Sings Her Fool Head Off

“He who sings prays twice.” – St. Augustine Singing in church is one of those things where not everyone participates, including me.  If I’m not in the choir, I don’t always join in.  Sometimes I’ll look around and I see a few mouths moving.  Then I’ll be moved by a certain hymn and sing along... Read more »

Who Sets the Tone?

My husband and I are always amazed at the different atmospheres of churches we have visited.  We have attended Mass where we felt the real presence of Our Lord through His people, the music and it’s presiding priest. We have been in churches where we felt an enormous sadness when we walked in the door.... Read more »

What Is Your Criteria For Going to Mass?

What is your criteria for going to church?  Do you even go?  I know that a lot of people come from a twelve year Catholic education, but for whatever reason don’t attend Mass.  That’s too bad because when you think about it, your soul is your own responsibility. I’ve heard every excuse imaginable why someone... Read more »

A Moment of Silence ... for the Bears?

Not really.  I spotted the Tribune’s Friday, January 14 article on the injunction that lifts the ban on the “moment of silence” in public schools.  I remember when I was in public high school and our principal had suddenly become seriously ill.  A moment of silence was requested in the auditorium where seniors gathered every... Read more »

Still Catholic After All These Years

One of my co-workers came bursting into our break room with the announcement that a new age dvd (which included the secrets of life free of charge!) had changed her life!  She went on and on about this amazing new journey she was on.  I listened to her patiently and then got out of there!... Read more »


It seems like five minutes after Christmas “officially” ends, the stores start taking down the decorations and putting the clearance signs up for the Christmas related products.  It’s sad really.  Months of planning and preparation come to an abrupt end.  Maybe it’s because people are worn out by it all and they’re just glad it’s... Read more »