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Bishop E.W. Jackson's Message to Black Christians

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The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.”–Martin Luther King, Jr. I’ve been waiting a long time to hear something from a black Christian leader concerning the elections. Well said Bishop Jackson, well said!    

My 9/11 Story: The Day My Van Was Stolen

I wrote this post on the tenth anniversary of  September 11. Ten years ago today, our country was viciously attacked like no other time in history.  Like the assassinations of John F. Kennedy, his brother Robert and Martin Luther King Jr., the day will ever be in my memory along with where I was and... Read more »

The Golden Globes and Living the Dream

Did you watch the Golden Globes?  I didn’t.  When I got up this morning, the Chicago Tribune and other online media were full of stories about last night’s award show.  Stories of who was wearing what and how Ricky Gervais “got it just right.”  Huh? I dislike celebrities.  Even if I like someone’s work as an actor or... Read more »