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How I found enlightenment at a Peter Frampton concert

My oldest son and I attended a Peter Frampton Concert at the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts. I’ve never seen Peter in concert so I was excited and so was my son. It’s been a challenging Lent and I have been struggling not only with the weather (all rain/no sun!) but with my... Read more »

Actually Lent doesn't have to be depressing

My son and I went to The Art Institute of Chicago to see their new exhibit, Saints & Heroes.
Like a lot of people, I had a rough start to Lent this year.  I guess Lent shouldn’t be easy, but I discovered that actually Lent doesn’t have to be depressing either. On an exquisitely beautiful Chicago day, I found some Lenten joy: I know … I didn’t take any pictures of the armor (there... Read more »

How I got myself back into Lent this year

My husband and I volunteered to accompany the Stations.  After Mass, I prepared myself for the journey that was to come.  Stations of the Cross is a long standing Lenten tradition.  Participating in Stations every week keeps my focus during Lent.  Photo by Pam Spano taken at St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church in Chicago
I wrote a post about how I was just not into Lent this year and Amy from Prayer Wine Chocolate suggested that I work on the sequel, “How I got myself back into Lent this year.” That gave me a lot to think about and as Lent progressed, I found myself drawn deeply into this... Read more »

I am just not into Lent this year

This is the flu bug that was going around.  I didn't have the flu, but I did have pneumonia.  I wonder if I can blame my illness on my lack of enthusiasm for Lent.  Okay, maybe not.  Photo by Pam Spano.
I always have the best intentions when Lent starts out, don’t you?  I try to keep it simple, so that I don’t get overwhelmed or end up just being frustrated, but I am just not into Lent this year. I don’t know why.  I just don’t have any ambition for it.  No excuses, just an... Read more »

Two things I can do this Lent

Two things I can do this Lent
Every year I debate about what I’m going to do for Lent.  This year, as I recover from pneumonia, I started checking other Catholic bloggers to see what everyone was planning. Last year, I focused on my physical health and I hope to get back to that routine before Lent.  Weather and illness has kept... Read more »

Four articles that will stay with me for a long time

Holy Week is finally here and what seemed like a long Lent will finally end this Sunday.  I read a lot regardless of the time of year, but rarely do I read things that just linger inside my brain or my very soul. These four articles that I read this week will stay with me... Read more »

Are you tired of Lent?

Are you tired of Lent? Debbie, over at Saints 365 is definitely tired of Lent and so is Regis Martin, who appears in the video below. Since I just got back from vacation, I can’t say that I’m tired of Lent … yet.  I did remember to abstain from meat on the two Fridays I was... Read more »

How is your Lent going?

How is your Lent going?  I know it’s only a week in, but I’m asking for a friend. Not really.  I’m asking for me because mine got off to a rocky start and I’m hoping I’m not the only one. On the night before Ash Wednesday, I packed my lunch and my daughter’s.  As I... Read more »

What are you doing for Lent?

What are you doing for Lent?  Will you give up chocolate?  Will you give up wine (or whine)?  Will you remember to not eat meat on Fridays?  Will you read that classic Catholic book you’ve been promising yourself that you would read for years? Or will you have the best Lent ever? I’m not sure... Read more »

What are you reading for Lent?

What are you reading for Lent?  Christians who observe Lent know that reading during this time can be a great spiritual exercise … or not.  I have attempted some books in the past that I eventually abandoned for various reasons. Here’s a few that I’m reading now: What are you reading for Lent?  Do you... Read more »