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From Atheist to Catholic: Jennifer Fulwiler's Minor Revisions

Jennifer Fulwiler writes for the National Catholic Register and also writes the blog Conversion Diary.

Why I Will Not Leave the Catholic Church

It never ceases to amaze me when I hear Catholics give reasons and excuses why they don’t go to Church, but still claim to be Catholic.  I never hear, “I’m a non-practicing Catholic” or I don’t consider myself Catholic anymore.” Jennifer Fulwiler’s article entitled, “5 Questions Before You Leave the Church,” stopped me in my tracks.... Read more »

The Rosary is a Place

I came across this great article by Jennifer Fulwiler on how she used to pray the rosary.  I say used to.  Apparently she missed the whole point of the rosary, which is to meditate on the mysteries.  Her mind would drift to her own life – not Christ’s. My story is similar to Ms. Fulwiler’s.  Just... Read more »

Modern Day Spiritual Attacks

Jennifer Fulwiler’s article of March 30 in the National Catholic Register about spiritual attack sent me reeling!  She is so right about this and yet it is rarely talked about. Fr. John Corapi’s current situation and Anne Rice’s conversion and then rejection of the church are prime examples of spiritual attack. In my own journey I have experienced spiritual attacks.... Read more »

Nine Words And Heaven

I read an amazing article in the National Catholic Register by Jennifer Fulwiler entitled, “The Nine Words That Make Christianity Make Sense.”  Out of all the articles I’ve read by Catholic writers and bloggers, this one truly blew me away!  She also references Peter Kreeft’s excellent article, “Heaven.” Ms. Fulwiler points out that in Genesis 3:19 it states... Read more »