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The Feast of the Holy Innocents: Remembering Newtown, Connecticut

“The peace of Bethlehem was shattered by the cries of the slaughtered children and the weeping of their mothers.  The peace of the world was shattered by the single cry from the cross.  Yet through that death and mourning, peace was reborn, indestructible now, in the Resurrection of the slain Christ.” – from today’s Magnificat magazine... Read more »

Barack 'Herod' Obama

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Michael Voris is what I would call a “pit bull Catholic.”  Once he sinks his teeth in, he doesn’t let go.  There are times when he is extreme but in this case, I don’t think he is. When our president announced he was for gay marriage, my first thought was “he’s going to do anything... Read more »

Herod and the Holy Innocents: A Metaphor for Today

Today, on the Feast Day of the Holy Innocents we recall Herod’s jealousy and rage as he sends out his thugs to rid the world of the baby Jesus.  Unfortunately not much has changed.  Here in Chicago, the killing of a child happens on almost a daily basis. Now add to that the number of abortions... Read more »