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The books on my nightstand

After reading Melanie Rigney’s blog, On the Nightstand: December, I began to run around the house to gather up the books on my nightstand. My “nightstands” are all over the place:  living room, bedroom and the kitchen.  Most of my “real books” are stacked in the living room, piled atop and below a lamp/table/magazine rack... Read more »

Heather King, an ex-barfly, ex-lawyer and Catholic convert weighs in on the Catholic blog comment box

I am a big fan of Heather King’s blog, SHIRT OF FLAME.  Heather’s own description of herself is simple and candid:  I’m an ex-barfly, ex-lawyer, Catholic convert with three memoirs …”  Heather comes from a place that few people survive and her writing reflects that.  It’s sometimes raw, sometimes sweet, but always thought-provoking. The other... Read more »

The Conversion of Saint Paul

Yesterday, (Friday January 25) was the Conversion of Saint Paul.  Saint Paul literally saw the light on the road to Damascus, “A great light from the sky suddenly shone around me.” (Acts 22:6) My own conversion was similar.  I had a “light bulb moment,” when my husband to be said, “I’m worried about your soul,”... Read more »

A Child from the 60's Looks Back on Her Abortions

I only recently discovered Heather King through her blog Shirt of Flame.  King’s writing resonated with me and I found her in my head on several occasions after reading her articles.  I have several of her books on my wishlist. I recently purchased and read Poor Baby, King’s reflection on being a child of the 60’s... Read more »

The Grace of Zacchaeus

Sometimes a writer will get in my head and articulate something that I never could.  But their words, will be my words and their feelings will be my feelings.  Heather King did that this morning in today’s reflection on the tax collector, Zacchaeus. And while following the rules isn’t in and of itself the answer, once... Read more »