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November is for the saints, the faithful departed and to be thankful

I'm not very good at remembering the dead in prayer, but I do remember my father every once in a while.
November is for the saints, the faithful departed and to be thankful.  The church sets aside November 1st for all the saints and November 2 for the commemoration of all the faithful departed. November also hosts Thanksgiving, a time to be thankful for those who are still in our lives and all that we are... Read more »

Seven simple moments that I'm grateful for

I gave up coffee to do a clinical study through UIC.  I had a health issue, so I had to drop out.  That first cup ... talk about gratitude!
In this month of gratitude, I started to reflect on the things I’m grateful for.  I’m blessed in so many ways, it was hard to narrow it down. I realized that sometimes there are just small things that happen throughout the day, that I tend to overlook.  It took me a while, but I finally... Read more »

Seven things I am extraordinarily grateful for

On a beautiful spring morning walk with our dogs, I was grateful for the flowers.  It's been a long dreary winter without color.
Over Lent and Easter, I would have moments where I would be grateful for certain things.  After a time, I would say to myself, “I should remember this.”  When I did, I was able to come up with seven things I am extraordinarily grateful for. Seven might sound like a low number, but I’m sure... Read more »

The Feast of the Epiphany 2013

This Sunday we celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany 2013, the twelfth day of Christmas. I’ve been trying to explain to people since the day after Christmas, that the twelve days of Christmas starts AFTER Christmas day.  I’m not getting through to them.  They are still complaining about the smattering of Christmas songs being played... Read more »

What I Am Thankful for this Thanksgiving

The Catholic Church My husband (who lead me to the Catholic Church) My children (who unknowingly keep me in the Catholic Church) My friends (who support me in my faith) St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church Fr. Francis Li, Pastor of St. Therese Singing every Saturday at the 5 PM Mass at St. Therese Jimmy Greenfield... Read more »