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The story of the Christmas ornaments

Our first Christmas together.  It's where it all began.
We all have the story of the Christmas ornaments.  Just take a look at your tree and you will see the ornaments you’ve accumulated over the years.  The ornaments tell the story of the lives we’ve formed together. I used to have a lot of the old glass ornaments that belonged to my parents, but... Read more »

The Elephants in the Room During the Holidays

“There were so many elephants in the room, it was crowded!,” my friend said as we chatted about our Thanksgiving day dinners. Family gatherings can be like that even with everyone trying to be on their best behavior.  The Norman Rockwell picture is often a facade, barely hiding the dysfunction that goes on behind the... Read more »

Mark Wahlberg on Faith, Family, Hard Work, and What He Prays For

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Since I’m not a celebrity follower, I had no idea that Mark Wahlberg was Catholic.  I had seen an interview with him years ago describing his gang banging days and jail time and never thought anything of it. After seeing this clip, I have a new respect for the man.  He did change his life... Read more »

Putting Away the Christmas Tree

While I was taking down the Christmas tree I started to pause and look at some of the ornaments.  Many brought back a flood of memories.  The ornament that commemorates “our first Christmas” as a married couple, our sons’ first Christmas ornaments and our daughter’s.  She has the most because she arrived six weeks before... Read more »

Still Catholic After All These Years

One of my co-workers came bursting into our break room with the announcement that a new age dvd (which included the secrets of life free of charge!) had changed her life!  She went on and on about this amazing new journey she was on.  I listened to her patiently and then got out of there!... Read more »


It seems like five minutes after Christmas “officially” ends, the stores start taking down the decorations and putting the clearance signs up for the Christmas related products.  It’s sad really.  Months of planning and preparation come to an abrupt end.  Maybe it’s because people are worn out by it all and they’re just glad it’s... Read more »