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Chicago Teachers Go Back to School But Will Anything Change?

It’s funny how nostalgia creeps up on you.  The teachers strike actually brought on memories of my own children being in grade school.  Our children went to Catholic school and at one time we were paying $1500 a month in tuition for all three. How did we do that?  Well, we drove very old cars (still... Read more »

I Don't Want to Work, I Just Want to Pray and Blog All Day

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I only work part time, but there are days when I’m headed out to my job that this song becomes my anthem. I know that I should feel blessed to have a job, but I feel more blessed that my husband has one and has been at the same job for close to forty years!... Read more »

Chicago Teachers Could Learn a Lesson From the Saints

“The school of Christ is the school of charity.  On the last day, when the great general examination takes place, there will be no question at all on the text of Aristotle, the aphorisms of Hippocrates, or the paragraphs of Justinian.  Charity will be the whole syllabus.” – St. Robert Bellarmine The saints are our... Read more »

Memories of a Teachers Strike

My kids are grown and went to Catholic schools, so the current teachers strike didn’t affect me personally.  But it did bring back a memory of when I was in school. I was in high school and we were heading toward summer vacation.  Strike talks were about the coming fall semester.  Classes were winding down,... Read more »