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Lenten Mission With Dr. Jerry Galipeau

Monday and Tuesday of last week, my husband and I attended a Lenten Mission at St. Andrew’s on Paulina and Addison.  The mission speaker was Dr. Jerry Galipeau who is the Associate Publisher at World Library Publications which is the music and liturgy division of J. S. Paluch Company. It’s difficult to do justice to... Read more »

The Faces of the Faithful

After communion, as I kneel in prayer, I find my mind wandering.  If there’s something weighing on my mind, I can remain in prayer until the priest takes a seat.  But most times, I find myself, well, people watching. There are times when I’ve admired a handbag a woman carried or I’m intrigued by a... Read more »

The Sacraments

A few days ago I asked my friends if they were interested in contributing to my blog.  My friend Donna was the first to respond: In my opinion, being Catholic really means being set apart from other Christians by the reverence we hold for the seven sacraments.  Catholicism is the only Christian faith that so... Read more »