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She Who Sings ... Sings Her Fool Head Off

“He who sings prays twice.” – St. Augustine Singing in church is one of those things where not everyone participates, including me.  If I’m not in the choir, I don’t always join in.  Sometimes I’ll look around and I see a few mouths moving.  Then I’ll be moved by a certain hymn and sing along... Read more »

My Dependency on all Things Electronic

Lately I’ve noticed a real dependency that I have on all things electronic.  I’ve noticed this because the things that I depend on the most, were taken away! It started Saturday.  Our choir set up for Mass where we are filling in for the summer.  They have an excellent sound system … until Saturday.  Things... Read more »

Who Sets the Tone?

My husband and I are always amazed at the different atmospheres of churches we have visited.  We have attended Mass where we felt the real presence of Our Lord through His people, the music and it’s presiding priest. We have been in churches where we felt an enormous sadness when we walked in the door.... Read more »

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Years ago, my husband and I were getting ready to sing at a Mass.  We were doing a sound check and he had asked me to sing a little into the mic so he could check the levels.  I burst into an enthusiastic song when I suddenly heard him say, “What the heck?”  When I... Read more »