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Celebrating One Year at St. Therese

This past weekend marked the first anniversary of singing at St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church for our choir.  It seems that in life, the best things that happen to us, happen in the most extraordinary ways. Our friend, Gent, called my husband one day.  We had not heard from him in some time, so my husband... Read more »

How Many Churches Do You Drive By on the Way to Mass?

And no, the question isn’t a joke. We drive by at least four (that I can see from the expressway).  Our old parish is one block from our house.  It was the church of my husband’s grandparents, his parents and us for the first ten years of our marriage.  And then it all fell apart.... Read more »

Lord, Get Us to the Church on Time During the NATO Summit!

            As you may have heard the NATO summit is being held here in Chicago.  I couldn’t have cared less except for the fact that my husband, myself and a friend of ours sing at St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church in Chinatown at the 5 PM Mass today just blocks from McCormick Place where... Read more »