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The Chick-Fil-A Trip We Never Expected

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This just made me laugh and maybe that’s what we really need to do about all of this. Enjoy your lunch today – wherever you are having it!        

Is Chick-fil-A the New Definition of Hatred, Bigotry and Intolerance?

              After writing Wednesday’s post about Chick-Fil-A I began to wonder about the words hatred, bigotry and intolerance.  I was accused of all of those things and the people making those accusations didn’t seem to see that they were guilty of exactly the same thing. One of the people who... Read more »

Will You Eat at Chick-fil-A Today?

When I heard that Starbucks and Target had announced that they would be contributing to Gay and Lesbian causes, I was disappointed, but not surprised.  Businesses are usually terrified of any kind of boycott and they generally follow the money anyway.  It’s their right to contribute to the community or cause of their choice. My... Read more »