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The New Anti-Catholicism: The Last Acceptable Prejudice

“It’s all about a sadistic Catholic nun and people who abuse and torture people in a Catholic asylum,” said Bill Donohue of The Catholic League about the new television show entitled:  American Horror Story:  Asylum. And it’s also about the acceptable practice of being prejudicial towards the Catholic Church.  Have you heard about the “PISS CHRIST?” Andres... Read more »

The Witch Hunt of Our Priests: The Catholic Church Becomes a Money Spigot

I originally posted this yesterday, but thought it was important enough to re-post.  Friday’s post won’t be nearly as serious, I promise! The priest scandal that has plagued the Catholic Church for years has gotten out of hand.  The organization called SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) has gone from a much needed... Read more »