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Happy Birthday Mary!

It is typical in the Church to celebrate a saint’s death-day instead of the saint’s birthday, for “the Church always argued that it was premature to celebrate a birthday because of the rest of the life of the person born on that day was subject to such ambiguity” (Pope Benedict XVI).  (I did not know... Read more »

The First Saturday of the Month

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Today we honor Mary on the first Saturday of the month.  Watch the video and take a moment to reflect on Mary and all that she is for us.  

And With One Yes, She Changed the World

Can you even imagine it?  You are a young woman (bear with me guys for a minute) and an angel appears to you to tell you that you will become pregnant. And the baby will be the Son of God. And you’re still a virgin. I don’t know how Mary kept her cool.  This was... Read more »

The Immaculate Conception

The first mystery of mercy is the Immaculate Conception, the prevenient mercy of the Father toward his little child … This haste of love that anticipates allows us to “touch” the Father’s mercy.  There is always haste in mercy.  When we see someone next to us suffering or crying, we feel sorry for him and... Read more »