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What is Advent?

What is Advent?
What is Advent?  According to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, it is “the period beginning four Sundays before Christmas and observed by some Christians as a season of prayer and fasting,” and “the coming of Christ at the Incarnation.” “Prayer and fasting.”  In other words, Advent is action.  It’s not a dead space between now and Christmas.... Read more »

Don't let the Targets or the Macys tell you what Christmas is about

“Don’t let the Targets or the Macys tell you what Christmas is about.” That’s what I heard the priest say at Mass this first Sunday of Advent. He’s right. As Catholics and Christians, we’ve allowed society to dictate to us what Christmas is all about. How did we get to this point? It’s not about... Read more »

Third Week of Advent with Fr. Pontifex

When I’m at work and losing patience with co-workers or customers I think about what Fr. Pontifex (aka Fr. Charles Burns) says in this video. It’s easy to see Our Lord in the Eucharist at Mass, but it’s much harder to see Him in our every day lives. Especially in the faces of those who... Read more »

Ten Things I Didn't Know About Advent

When I read Jimmy Akin’s article, 10 Things You Need to Know About Advent, I was a little taken aback about how little I actually knew about Advent! What is the purpose of Advent? What liturgical colors are used for Advent? Is Advent a penitential season? When does Advent begin and end? What is the role... Read more »

A Voice of One Crying Out in the Desert: Prepare the Way of the Lord

Can you hear John the Baptist calling out to us?  Are you preparing the way of the Lord this Advent? Today we light the second candle of Advent.  Can you believe Christmas is only two weeks away? I’m finished with my shopping and some of my house cleaning, so I’m trying to slow things down.... Read more »

Advent in Two Minutes

In case you don’t have the time to explain it to someone, here’s the two minute explanation of Advent. And you can find a digital Advent calendar here.

Serving One Master

No servant can serve two masters. – Luke 16:13 In the early stages of my conversion a woman asked me if I followed my daily horoscope.  My answer was pretty simple.  No.  I used to read it every day, but after a while, I just got bored with it and after converting, there was no... Read more »

Good Grief! I'm the Polar Opposite of John the Baptist!

“He must increase; I must decrease” (John 3:30) John the Baptist knew his place.  He knew his antics would cause attention to himself, but he also knew that once he had people’s attention, he had to tell them that it was Jesus that he was paving the way for.  Lord knows they were confused. I... Read more »

Advent: God is Waiting for Us

The homily I heard at last night’s Mass was astounding!  The nun talked about Advent being the time where we wait for our Lord, but the nun said we have it backwards.  We are not waiting for Christ, He waits for us! God is always there.  In our joys and our sorrows, in our courage... Read more »

No, I am Not Shopping on Black Friday

Are you going shopping today?  Did you go out at midnight?  Did you get up at 3 AM?  Did you scour the sales papers for the best deals?  Were you triumphant when you stood in line and got the bargain you had hoped for? Not me.  I am staying home, staring at my laptop, writing... Read more »