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Preparing for my second Bike the Drive 2018

This is the bike I rode last year.  It's a 24 inch Schwinn and I adore it.  Unfortunately it's really heavy and I wanted something more lightweight.
Last year, at the age of 65, I participated in the annual Bike the Drive.  I had planned to do 7 miles (out of the 30), but I surprised myself by completing 15.  I was so happy!  This year, I’m definitely more ambitious and I hope to do all 30 miles! Preparing for my second... Read more »

This year I participated in Bike The Drive at 65

The night before the ride, I got my t-shirt and number.  By that time there were already 20,000 registered cyclists!
On Sunday, May 28, I rode my bike in the Bike The Drive event.  This event has been held for the past 16 years.  What it entails, is Lake Shore Drive here in Chicago being closed to traffic from the early morning hours (the ride starts at 5:30 AM) till 11:00 AM when it reopens.... Read more »

I went to the Cubs World Championship Parade

Howard Moore, a fellow blogger, reluctantly agreed to go to the parade with me.  ;-)
I did something that was never on my non-existent bucket list.  I went to the Cubs World Championship Parade.  I’ve lived in Chicago all my life and I’m really not a Cubs fan (I’ve only been to one game), but I felt maybe I should make the effort for all my friends and family who... Read more »

Am I a bandwagon Cubs fan?

Am I a bandwagon Cubs fan?
Am I a bandwagon Cubs fan? Sort of. I have lived in this city all my life and I have never been a Cubs fan.  Why is that you ask?  Well, I’m not sure.  My father was a fan.  I remember him watching the games on our black and white TV in the little apartment... Read more »

Learning to Ride a Bike Again

At sixty-one years of age, I’m learning to ride a bike again! I haven’t ridden a bike in about fifteen years, so this should get interesting. My new found interest came about when one of my daughter’s friends left her bike at our house for nearly a year. Just as I had it cleaned, oiled... Read more »

The Mystery of Faith and the Cubs

At Mass last night, the priest said the nuns had several common phrases.  One of them was, if you asked a question about faith, their answer was “It’s a mystery.”  And so it appears with baseball. I’ve never been a baseball fan.  The lifelong, rabid devotion to the “Cubbies” is a complete mystery to me.... Read more »