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Interesting things I have found along the way when I walk

Sometimes while on my walk, I find a reminder of God's love for me.
Over the years I have tried to walk on a daily basis, either by myself or with my daughter’s dog. Since September was filled with political and church scandal, I tried to get out more often and enjoy some simpler things to clear my head. Here are some interesting things I have found along the... Read more »

The Pope has a bigger agenda according to Cardinal Cupich

I haven’t written about the “scandal” hitting the Catholic Church before now.  Unfortunately the scandal has been going on for years.  I know men who are now in their 80’s who left the seminary as young men because of the abuse of women. A life-long Catholic, who is a friend of mine, told me: “My... Read more »

What music matches the magnitude of what is happening at the Mass?

What type of music do you like at Mass?  Contemporary?  Gregorian Chant?  Old School?  No music at all? I posted this screen shot of a comment made by a priest concerning music on my Facebook page.  As you can see from the comments, there was a wide variety of opinions. My husband has been in music... Read more »

Seeking silence in a world that will not shut up

Seeking silence in a world that will not shut up
I’ve been seeking silence in a world that will not shut up. The news and social media scream of the latest “breaking” news and opinions. If you personally disagree with anything that is said, well then, you are unfollowed or unfriended. We’ve already gotten to a point where we can be harassed in public, told... Read more »

Seeing Jesus Christ Superstar at the Lyric Opera in Chicago

The first poster we encountered on our arrival to the Lyric Opera House.
The last time I saw Jesus Christ Superstar, it was 1973 and in a movie theater.  I wasn’t Catholic and the only thing that really interested me was the music.  I played that double album more times than probably any album I owned. When the opportunity to see it live at the Lyric Opera House... Read more »

Preparing for my second Bike the Drive 2018

This is the bike I rode last year.  It's a 24 inch Schwinn and I adore it.  Unfortunately it's really heavy and I wanted something more lightweight.
Last year, at the age of 65, I participated in the annual Bike the Drive.  I had planned to do 7 miles (out of the 30), but I surprised myself by completing 15.  I was so happy!  This year, I’m definitely more ambitious and I hope to do all 30 miles! Preparing for my second... Read more »

Nourishing your soul through Lent and beyond

Whether you use a cheap spiral ring journal with a cheap pen or something a little more high end, journal writing during Lent (or anytime!) is something that is always good for the soul.
We are almost done with Lent!  Maybe your Lent was successful, maybe it didn’t go as planned (mine sure didn’t!) or maybe it was mediocre.  Despite your failures or successes at Lent, nourishing your soul through Lent and beyond is still an option. I hope the rest of your Lent, is blessed! Please join me and... Read more »

How prayer has affected my life and the lives of others

St. Paul's classic statement about prayer.
I’ve spent some time reflecting and praying about the Parkland, Florida shooting.  I see a lot of people criticizing those who pray for the victims and their families or even the person responsible for the tragedy.  Apparently they don’t understand the power of prayer. Christians know that prayer works.  We know and understand that praying... Read more »

I found peace and serenity at St. Peter's in the Loop

The entrance of St. Peter's in the loop on Madison.
On a cold, wintery January morning, I boarded the bus and then the ‘L” and headed downtown where I found peace and serenity at St. Peter’s in the Loop.  I haven’t been to this church in quite a while. When I first converted, I would go to St. Peter’s during my lunch hour.  I would sit... Read more »

What is vulgar?

There's nothing more beautiful then a baby's smile.  Especially when that baby belongs to you.  This is my daughter on her first birthday.
Scrolling through my Twitter feed, I saw something that I thought was truly vulgar.  I think because it was posted by a young Catholic mom, I was more upset then I would have been if it had been posted by someone else. Long before my conversion, I had a plaque hanging in my bathroom depicting... Read more »