Seeking silence in a world that will not shut up

Seeking silence in a world that will not shut up
It's difficult for me to restrain myself when I'm supposed to write a blog. This quote from The Big Book was originally published in 1939 by Bill W. (William Griffith Wilson) and Dr. Bob (Robert Holbrook Smith). Together they founded the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) fellowship.

I've been seeking silence in a world that will not shut up. The news and social media scream of the latest "breaking" news and opinions. If you personally disagree with anything that is said, well then, you are unfollowed or unfriended. We've already gotten to a point where we can be harassed in public, told to leave establishments and intimidated on the street. God knows what will happen next in today's atmosphere.

What happened to us? My parents' motto was "never talk about religion and politics in mixed company." I used to laugh at that. I'm a child of the 60's and we spoke out about everything. When we disagreed, we went onto another subject and forgot about our differences of opinions.

The blame game is rampant as to who's fault this is, but I believe the fault can be found when we look into a mirror. We hide behind keyboards and spew opinions and when someone disagrees with us, it's easy to hit a few keystrokes and that person(s) is out of our cyberspace life.  Unfortunately, I've unfollowed and unfriended people on social media because the "great noise" was deafening.

Cardinal Robert Sarah talks about "the great noise that is inside ourselves" in the video "Silence," (which you can view at the end of this article). That's what was happening to me. My head was exploding with the cacophony of the outside world.

I didn't know what to do, but I had to do something because I was getting more and more irritable with myself and others. I reduced my news watching as much as possible. I thought about leaving social media altogether, but I didn't want to give up my blog or my fan page. My followers have been a blessing to me and I have learned so much about the Catholic faith from them. Some of them, I have become friends with on Facebook and we have become supportive of each other through the ups and downs of faith, family and life.

Reading has always been a great joy to me. Reading takes me out of this world. Lately I've delved into books more fervently. Instead of watching televison, I pick up my Kindle, Nook or a real honest-to-God book and leave this world if only temporarily.

Then there's my prayer life, reading the Bible, my relationships with God, Jesus, Our Blessed Mother (who always blesses me with her presence) and the Holy Spirit (whom, I'm sad to say, I neglect) all of which I've struggled to spend more time with each one.

I hate to use the phrase, "I'm too old for this," but I believe that's part of it.  I think it's more a matter of that I've lost patience.  I've become selfish about my own happiness.  I want to be a positive voice to those I love and those I might grow to love in the future.  Otherwise no one is going to want to be around me!

How do you handle the "noise?"


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