The Martyr, Father Jacques Hamel

The Martyr, Father Jacques Hamel
Photo from Bishop Robert Barron's

A friend of mine on Facebook posted this article about the murder of Father Jacques Hamel by Islamic state terrorists.  It was the first I had heard of this unspeakable murder.

How could anyone slit the throat of an 84 year old priest as he stood at the altar celebrating Mass?  What coward would dare to harm him?

This morning I attended Mass and the priest spoke about his being there nearly every morning and saying Mass for us.  How is it possible that someone would dare harm him during this most sacred time?  Have we come to a point in our society that we have to be afraid to worship because we might be killed for our faith?  It was chilling to be at Mass and think about that.

The Martyr, Father Jacques Hamel, gave his life for the Catholic faith.  He didn't want to retire because he wanted to be a priest till his last breath.  We must pray for his intercession in these horrible times we live in.  We must ask his intercession to stand up for our faith in all instances.  We must ask his intercession to change our own hearts as well as the hearts of those who would dare to murder our priests.

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