Reasons to rest on a Sunday

I am from an era when everything was closed by 5 PM on Saturday and all day Sunday.  Not a gas station, grocery store, department store or anything else I can think of was open.  Sunday was truly a day of rest and for family.

What happened?  Women joined the work force (I only knew one working mom when I was growing up), people in general worked more hours and there was no time to do the things that were usually put off for the weekend.  Businesses began staying open longer hours and more days.

I occasionally work on Sundays.  I don't mind it because I attend Mass on Saturday at 5 PM.  The job I have now affords me the time to do that.  A previous job said I couldn't have Saturday afternoons off to go to Mass.  I was told, "If everyone was at church, who would be in the store?"

My husband works full time, so the weekend and especially Sunday is important to him.  He picks and chooses what he wants to do and I don't interfere with that.  If he decides to sit in front of the TV, I don't say anything.  If he picks a household project, that's okay with me.  If he decides to cook Sunday dinner ... well, I let him do that!

Now more than ever, I think we need reasons to rest on Sunday.  We are overworked, overstressed and overwhelmed.  We're SO BUSY!  We've become a society of dazed and confused humans running around trying to get those errands done and for what?  An early heart-attack or other stress-related illnesses?

Here are my reasons to rest on a Sunday:

  1. You work Monday through Friday, 40-50 hours a week and on Saturday or Sunday you do household chores.
  2. You bring your work home and do that in-between loads of laundry on Saturday or Sunday.
  3. You grocery shop on Saturday or Sunday because you're too tired to stop on your way home from work during the week.
  4. You've been carpooling kids all over the place to their activities that you feel like your car and you are conjoined.

So what do you do on Sunday?  You go to church on Sunday.  It's the armor that you'll need to face the rest of the week.  It's what you'll fall back on when you are overworked, overstressed, overwhelmed and SO BUSY!

Don't forget Sunday is a day of rest

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