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Do you praydream?  I had never heard of this term until I read Vinita Hampton Wright's article, Imagination and Praydreaming.

As an only child, daydreaming was how I entertained myself.  I had imaginary friends and a whole life outside the real one.  Looking back, I realize it was a defense mechanism I developed because of my mother. Many abuse victims do this.

As an adult, my mind still wanders through different scenes.  I might daydream a different outcome when I've had words with someone.  In my revision of the scene, I have the clever comeback and I WIN!  I also daydream about all the on air interviews I'll have when my book is published.  My daydreaming has also gotten me into trouble and has separated me from God in the worst way.  Even though that was years ago, I'm still ashamed of that.

As a child, my daydreaming saved my sanity.  Unlike Ignatius, my daydreaming as an adult, has not been very productive.  I wonder if I can turn that into something that once separated me from God into something that brings me closer to him.

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