Are you married to your soul mate?

Are you married to your soul mate?  To be honest, the phrase, soul mate makes me gag.

Long before I met my husband, I thought I had met my "soul mate."  I was blindly in love and thought we would be together forever.  "Blindly" is the key word here because I chose to not see the many red flags in the relationship until it imploded.

When my husband and I met, I was older and a bit wiser.  Even after I planned to convert to the Catholic faith, I knew this man (or any man for that matter) was not my soul mate.

Why?  Matt Walsh's article said it much better than I could, but what resonated for me about his article was this:


"... The Marriage of Destiny is a facade, but the good news is that Real Marriage is something so much more loving, joyful, and true.

We’ve got it all backwards, you see. I didn’t marry my wife because she’s The One, she’s The One because I married her. Until we were married, she was one, I was one, and we were both one of many. I didn’t marry The One, I married this one, and the two of us became one. I didn’t marry her because I was “meant to be with her,” I married her because that was my choice, and it was her choice, and the Sacrament of marriage is that choice. I married her because I love her — I chose to love her — and I chose to live the rest of my life in service to her. We were not following a script, we chose to write our own, and it’s a story that contains more love and happiness than any romantic fable ever conjured up by Hollywood.

Finally, someone put into words what real marriage is!  My little girl dreams of a beautiful dress and wedding never went as far as what my life would be like with my "soul mate" after the wedding.  When I met my husband, I had choices and so did he.  One of the choices was my conversion didn't guarantee that we would get married.  We both knew that and accepted it.

I don't believe that "destiny" brought my husband and I together, but I do believe that God did.  I believe that God brought us together for the opportunity for me to convert.  I could have easily not chosen that path and my husband and I would have moved on with our lives.  Separately.  Marriage was something that my husband and I chose later.

If you've been married any length of time, are you married to your soul mate?

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