How I turned my daily commute into a mini vacation

Brandon Vogt's, 6 Ways to turn your daily commute into a retreat got me thinking about how I spend my time on my way to work and on my way home.

I know so many people who have at least a two hour commute one way to work every day.  I can't even imagine that.  My daughter told me the other day that she never thought she'd tire of driving, but her daily drive to school, to home, to work and back has been an unexpected drain on her both mentally and physically.

How did I turn my daily commute into a mini vacation?  Recently I put in for a transfer and got it.  I went from a 15 minute car ride one way (an hour or longer on the bus) to a 15 minute walk!  When I told a co-worker about my transfer, he said, "One of life's greatest joys is walking to work."  

He was right.  I love to walk anyway.  Walking to work every day has afforded me a great time to reflect, pray or just let my mind wander.  Sometimes I take in the scenery, which isn't much on a busy street, but when the sky is an incredible shade of blue and the sun is shining, I don't mind the constant cars around me.

Walking to work every day has turned my commute into a mini vacation.  Even though my drive time was short, it had become stressful.  My car was having problems and I wondered if it would make it through another brutal winter.

Walking home from work every day has given me a great sense of peace.  The work part of my day is over and as I head home, I look forward to the rest of my day.

I realize not everyone can transfer to a work location closer to home.  I feel incredibly blessed that I was given that gift.

If you have a long drive, you have to concentrate on driving.  Listening to music, a podcast or audio book can probably make the drive much more bearable.  A nun once told me she turned her radio off in the car so she could listen to God!  Praying can help you prepare for your work day especially if you're having issues with coworkers.

If you take public transportation, you can immerse yourself into something that will take you out of that environment and put yourself in a much happier place.

How do you turn your commute into a mini vacation?

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