I never believed in Santa

I never believed in Santa.  Ever.  I have no memory of believing in Santa and that's because (according to my parents) I discovered them putting Christmas presents under the tree at the age of three.

Spano Family Christmas Tree

Spano Family Christmas Tree

My parents saw no need to lie about what they were doing and so I never had the excitement of waking up Christmas morning and discovering presents.  Christmas was kind of boring.  I usually got my gifts Christmas Eve and I always knew what I was getting.

It's funny because I remember many Christmas Eves lying in bed, hoping that in the morning there would be presents.  I don't know why.  I guess one always has hope.

Of course, this led to issues later on.  In kindergarten I told everyone there was no Santa and got into big trouble!  I was like, "What?  Your parents put the presents under the tree!"  Yep, I caused a lot of tears in those early years.

When my children were growing up, we celebrated St. Nicholas' Feast day, December 6.  Our middle child bears his name.  Since they all went to Catholic school, they would put their shoes out in the morning and later in the afternoon they would be filled with candy.  To this day, I put their Christmas stockings out the evening of the 5th and they are all adults.

A few years ago, I forgot.  My daughter freaked out.  Our Nick was away at college so I told her St. Nicholas doesn't come unless Nick is with us.  She was old enough to "know better," but that was the only time I ever forgot.  The tradition still means something to her.

The real St. Nicholas

The real St. Nicholas

I never told our children there was no Santa.  They eventually let go of the fantasy.  My daughter took it the hardest.  The boys were more practical about it.

We still get up early Christmas morning.  Not as early as when they were little and it's our daughter who goes around and wakes everyone up.

I have to admit that I get excited.  I wait till everyone is settled in for the night on Christmas Eve and I put the presents under the tree.  When I go to bed, I have a hard time sleeping.  I'm excited.

I never believed in Santa as a child, but after all those years of unbelief, I still have hope!

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