The perfect response to Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson's comments

I found the perfect response to Duck Dynasty's Phil Roberston comments in a GQ interview.  I've never watched the show so I felt a bit out of the loop.

After reading some of the articles pertaining to his comments, I found, what I thought was the perfect response to the whole kerfuffle.  The comment can be found on Duck Dynasty's Unofficial Fan Page:

I am a lesbian, I adore the Robertson family and respect their beliefs. He did not bash, nor harm anyone. He should not have to censor his beliefs or opinions. You ask an honest man a question, be prepared for an honest answer. I don't expect everyone to support my life style, all I ask is that you don't treat me ugly. And he in no way made me feel like he had in his statement. I fully believe that the Robertson family is an amazing, wholesome example of the right kind of American. Gay, straight, crooked whatever lifestyle you live, more people and families should learn these values they represent and live them. It's ridiculous to me that these groups can ask for acceptance, yet get upset with a different opinion then theirs. Embarrassing really. I support you and will continue to watch your show!

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