This is the church that lost its steeple: Concordia Lutheran Church

This is the church that lost its steeple.  Concordia Lutheran Church has been in the news lately.

Chicago's recent windy and stormy weather took it's toll on the 100+ year old structure and neighbors called the city when they saw the steeple literally blowing in the wind.

I live near Concordia and I have seen that steeple from my back window for over thirty years until it's removal.  I can't tell you how heartbreaking it is to watch this video:

Concordia has set up a PayPal account to help them raise the $100,000 cost of the removal of the steeple. Yes, the parish has to pay for it and with only 30 registered parishioners, it won't be easy.

Please give anything you can. It would be greatly appreciated!

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