What advice would I give to my family twenty years from now?

What advice would I give my family twenty years from now?  That's an interesting question don't you think?  Especially since my husband and I are at an age where we, um, might not be around in twenty years.  YIKES!

For my husband, I would advise him to be really happy that he got to that age.  He doesn't need my advice on much else.  I know he'll still be singing and playing in church. He's a talented musician and I know he'll take care of that gift just as he has all his life.

For my oldest son, I would tell him to hang on to his music (like his dad has done) and go back to church.  ;-)  I would also tell him to go way beyond what he thinks he's capable of doing.  He has so much potential and I don't think he realizes it.

For my younger son, I would tell him the same thing as his brother, but I would also add that he will be the anchor of the three.  His quiet strength will get the other two through the tough times.

For my daughter I would tell her to hold on to her faith.  Once her father and I are no longer around, she will be the glue that keeps her and her brothers together.  I have no siblings, so it's important to me that my kids stay connected.

For me?  I'm a hopeless optimist and I intend to be around in twenty years!  What would I tell myself?

Enjoy every minute of your life!  Sing your fool heart out in church like it's the very last time and thank God for the life and family you were blessed with!

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