People in Heaven: The Five People I Probably Won't Meet There

Out of all the people in heaven, here's the five I probably won't meet there:



The Condescending A$$hole:  I worked for a woman who thought because I asked a lot of questions that I didn't know what I was doing and that I was stupid.  I stopped asking her questions because I actually heard her say that about me.  She was also a "princess" and expected me to do her bidding.  If there was a wet spot on the floor, she would call my name, point to it and tell me to clean it up.

She got her comeuppance one day when she was trying to input some information in the computer and she couldn't get it to work.  She called me over and asked me to help her.  It only took me a minute and it was done.  Fortunately there were witnesses, so as I walked away smiling, I said aloud, "Let me savor this moment."

She continued to be a Condescending A$$hole, but not to me. And she never asked me to wipe up the floor again.

The Liar:  We all lie sometimes, but I'm talking about someone who wouldn't know the truth if it was a marching band following them around in a rousing rendition of "When the Saints Go Marching In."

I've known my share of liars, but one in particular was a a young girl I worked with who would contradict herself in the same sentence.  On one occasion, she told me she had married her long-time boyfriend, then she told me they were getting divorced, then she told me they were back together and planning their wedding.

One day she was telling me where she lived and someone else joined the conversation with where they lived.  She immediately said she lived in THEIR neighborhood.  WTH?  At first, I was just confused and then I just started avoiding all conversations with her.  Life is too short to be confused.

I'm all for appearances but ...

I'm all for appearances but ...

The Appearances are Everything Personality:  This person wants me to think that their life is perfect in every conceivable aspect, yet the skeletons are falling out of their closets in a mad dash to escape.  Look, we all have problems and some of those problems are private, but when you are willing to step over someone's cold, dead body because you want people to believe that no one in your life has a problem, you are a sick puppy.

Oh, and don't expect me to keep my mouth shut and go along with your perfect facade.

The "Friend:"  It took me a while, but I figured it out and you can read about it here.


My Mother

My Mother:  Enough said.

There's a chance that I won't meet these five people in Heaven simply because I might not get there either (at least not without a stint in Purgatory!). This blog was brought about by the fact that I need to pray for all these people with a genuine heart.  My being in their life might not change them, but my prayers can.

So who are the five people you probably won't meet in heaven?

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