Catholics Have Courage!

Catholics Have Courage!
John Connell's new book













John C. Connell, author of Catholics Mean Business: 30 Days to Managing Your Work Week, God's Way has written another book entitled Catholics Have Courage: 40 Days to Beating Stress God's Way.  John was kind enough to send me a draft of his new book.

Life can be stressful and we sometimes forget that God is there for us!  John has put together a quick read that implements scripture and his own experiences.  You can take this book with you (there is a Kindle version) or you can leave it on a table and pick it up daily.

One of the quotes from his book that really resonated with me, is right in the beginning:

Stress does NOT differentiate between personal and professional.  It cannot be left at the office.  With stress, there is no work/life balance.  Stress is a perpetual by-product of our fast-paced society.

I think even a non-Catholic can relate!

My husband and I were always of the opinion that once we left work, we left work there.  For years my husband practiced that, but as he's gotten older, it's a lot harder.  Even though I work part-time, I find that if I've had a bad day, those feelings linger into my day off.

You can read a free sample of John's book here.  You can find Catholics Mean Business on Facebook here and John's blog can be found here.

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