First the Grace, then the Purification, then the Mission

"So it always goes with the God of the Bible:  first the grace, then the purification, then the mission."  Fr. Robert Barron

In today's readings, Jesus (on His return from death) has a little picnic on the beach and questions His disciples on their love for Him.

They don't dare ask, "Who are you?," because who else is going to come back from the dead and make them breakfast?

Jesus' tone is a little different.  He seems much more serious.   He has them fish and when he breaks the bread, they realize in all certainty who He is.  He wants them to realize that their mission must continue with a simple, "Follow me."

Fr. Barron's quote reminded me of my own conversion.  I received a grace that opened my eyes, then I went through the purification of my soul as I learned about the Church and finally, I received my mission, which at that time was to become a wife and mother.

Today my mission has changed.  Though our children are grown, I'm still a parent as well as a wife.  The sands of that beach are shifting as I venture out and start doing new things.

I wonder what our Lord has in store for me next as I continue to follow Him.

Where is the Lord leading you?



You can listen to Scott Hahn's reflection on today's readings here.


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