The Leadership of the Catholic Church Lacks Proper Faith in Jesus Christ

"The leadership of the church lacks proper faith in Jesus Christ. They're not living in a sense an evangelical life of poverty, chastity and obedience. They're not living a radical life of devotion to the poor and the outcast and the marginal. They're too concerned with worldly things. Now they've picked the man Francis who in a sense will reorient the church toward fundamental things of faith. I think this is critical. Yes, the cardinals responded to the challenge." - Larry Chapp, professor of theology at DeSales University in Pennsylvania.

I hear this on my Facebook page a lot.  The cardinals live like kings in mansions with servants and are clueless to the real world.  Cardinal Bergoglio of Buenos Aries, Argentina, now Pope Francis, lived a simple and modest lifestyle.  He lived in a one room apartment and rode the bus.  The people called him Fr. Jorge.

What about our own lives?  Would you be willing to live the way our new pope lived and administer to the poor?  Are we any better than our leadership?

The secular media likes to speculate on how Pope Francis should change the church and be more "progressive."  Things that some Catholics agree with.

It's easy to criticize the church and it's leaders.  They're pretty big targets with all that's going on within the hierarchy.  The CINOs (Catholics in name only) are out in full force criticizing the Church on the handling of the sex scandal, demanding women priests and a host of other changes they think will bring the Church into the twenty-first century.  But the Church is not going to change her teachings.

As I read article after article from so-called Catholics on their demands for change, my heart broke and I began to cry.  At first it was because this is the Church that I love and it gets more and more painful to me when Catholics are the ones doing the bashing.  Now my tears are for those Catholics and their loss of faith.

I realize how blessed I am to attend a wonderful parish every week and have the opportunity to sing there.  We have a great pastor who leads by example and the people follow by that example.  I've been in parishes where this is not the case and it can be a struggle to "keep the faith" in that environment.

I am fed by the Holy Eucharist every week and I take that with me out into the world to be an example to my family, friends, co-workers and yes, even the CINOs.  I work at it.  I make a point of doing the requirements that is expected of me:  Mass attendance (first and foremost), daily prayer, reading the scriptures and participating in the sacraments.  It isn't always easy, but it's worth it.

Yes, the leadership of the Catholic Church lacks proper faith in Jesus Christ.  That's about to change.

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