Failing Miserably at Lent

I'm failing miserably at Lent! Everything I had planned to give up mysteriously creeped back into my daily routine.

What happened?  I don't know.  Bad habits die hard and they die even harder when fighting the forces of evil.  My tights and cape have lost their super powers and all those bracelets I own that begin with "T" and "P" don't work like Wonder Woman's bracelets!  I've become a mere mortal Catholic.  Who knew?

The "T" bracelets:  My 60th birthday present from my family and on the right: purchased from a fellow blogger. ;-)

The "T" bracelets

Faith, Hope & Charity and the Chinese Blessings

The "P" bracelets: Faith, Hope & Charity and the Chinese Blessings

It's sad though.  I made promises to God not to eat certain things and not to do certain things and I just went ahead and did those very things.

Not shopping online should have been fairly easy and giving up sweets should have been a no-brainer, yet I was doing both within days of Ash Wednesday.

I'm going to take a leap of faith and presume I'm not the only one who's broken their Lenten promises.  At least I hope not, but that would only give me an excuse and a crutch to prop myself up.  Lent is far from over and I can still take a shot at my feeble attempts to get ready for Easter.

So tell me in the comment box:  Are you sailing through Lent without a care in the world with no slip ups?  Or are you struggling over the most mundane thing you planned to give up and it just never happened?

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