Super Bowl Sunday with Scott Hahn

While you are preparing to watch the Super Bowl today, take a few minutes and reflect on today's readings with Scott Hahn.

This is from today's Magnificat (and so true!):

The people who hear Jesus preach in the synagogue are amazed at his gracious words.  Yet they insist on measuring him according to their own sub-par standards.  But "when the perfect comes, the partial will pass away," and the perfect has come in Jesus Christ.  The prophetic words of Christ enable us to know fully, even as we are fully known by God from the first moment he formed us in the womb.  The risk is loving this man.  The furious people of Nazareth try to kill him.  Christ safely passes through the midst of them, leaving his believers with this assurance:  "They will fight against you but will not prevail, for I am with you to deliver you."  "Love never fails."

Enjoy the game!

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