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Is Mass boring?  Do you find your mind wandering?  The homily lacks fire?  The music is ... well, shall we say, lacking?  Do you find yourself suddenly back to reality and the homily is over and you have no idea what the priest just said?

Because I sing in the choir I have to pay attention.  Usually I watch my husband, who is watching the priest.  When I told our Pastor that, he said, "I better behave!"

But there are times when my mind has wandered and before I know it, we've moved onto another part of the Mass and I'm dazed and confused!

In Fr. Hollowell's homily, he makes some interesting points about the Mass being boring, but I think we have to keep in mind that if we're not getting anything out of the Mass, it might be because we're not putting anything into it.  We have to prepare for what's about to happen and be open to God's Word and the miracle of the Eucharist.  But then again ...

In the comment section of Fr. Hollowell's post, someone respectfully argues that the Mass is not boring to them and that they love every Mass they attend.  Father answers with a shocking fact about Mother Theresa:

"Mother Theresa writes in her diary how she felt nothing in her senses for 50+ years at Mass. Would you say she was doing something wrong?"

Sweet Jesus!  When I read that, I stared at it for several minutes.  I've read things by Mother Theresa where she talked about feeling abandoned by God for YEARS!  Yet, this tiny dynamo of the Catholic faith did more for the Church in modern times than anyone I can think of!

Fr. Hollowell is right.  Mass can be boring and more often than not, it is.  Not going though, is not or shouldn't be an option.

You can watch Fr. Hollowell's homily in it's entirety here.

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