Totus Tuus: Totally Yours

The papal motto of Blessed Pope John Paul II was Totus Tuus ("totally yours").  This statement of trust in the Blessed Virgin Mary is not an unimportant factor in reflecting on the life of this great pope.  John Paul, following the Marian piety of Saint Louis de Montfort, entrusted all his prayers and works to the Blessed Virgin Mary.  We would do well to entrust all our cares and our very lives to her, for she is the "safest, easiest, shortest and most perfect way" to Jesus and to sanctity (Saint Louis de Montfort) from today's Magnificat

Mary trusted.  As a good mother, she shows us how to trust God and her Son.  When Mary came into my life, I was beginning my conversion and she has stayed with me every day in my faith journey.

I literally Hail Mary my way through everything!  When I'm afraid or stressed, the Hail Mary pours out of my mouth in a rush and it doesn't stop until I feel her warm embrace me.

My Rosary

Hail Mary, full of grace

I have gotten through major dental surgery (while pregnant!), being a wife and mother, taking care of my mother and all that is to come, while praying to the Blessed Virgin.

I was afraid to give myself to Mary in the beginning.  I was learning to trust and I was afraid.  I was afraid to be a wife, but more afraid of being a mother.  My biggest fear was taking care of my mother.

Dearest Blessed Mother, you were there the whole time and I am finally Totus Tuus!

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