The Introduction to the Devout Life

The Introduction to the Devout Life is St. Francis de Sales classic book that shows through repentence, prayer, the spiritual disciplines and virtues that all people can live a life of holiness.  I think we make it out be harder than it is at times.  I know I do!

St. Francis has a great visual:

Ostriches never fly.  Hens fly in a clumsy fashion, near the ground, and only once in a while.  But eagles, doves and swallows fly aloft, swiftly and frequently.  Similarly, sinners never fly up towards God, but hover close to the earth.  Good people who are not yet devout, fly toward God by their good works but do so infrequently, slowly and awkwardly.  Devout souls ascend to him more frequently, promptly and with lofty flights.  In short, devotion is simply that spiritual agility and vivacity by which charity works in us or by aid of which we do good works quickly and lovingly. - St. Francis de Sales (Voices of the Saints by Bert Ghezzi)

Today I hope you take flight!

You can read more about St. Francis de Sales here.


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