The Faith and Wonder of a Child: My Own Attempts to Deepen My Faith

Over the years, the faith and wonder, I had as a new convert attempting to deepen my faith were pretty childish.

I read everything I could get my hands on (retained very little of it!) and I was constantly looking for ways to learn more about my faith. I've slowed down quite a bit, but I've found being Catholic very similar to opening a box with a present in it, then finding another box with yet another present in it, etc., etc.

Pandora's Box

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Only the childlike retain the child's gift of wonder. Wondering, we forget ourselves entirely, lost in what has provoked our awe. Wonder is the wellspring of praise. We have reason for our praise; we are God's children, made in His image. - from today's Magnificat

I've always been intrigued by the scripture, "Unless you become like little children, you shall not enter the kingdom of God." (Matthew 18:3) The image conjured up for me was and still is; "a kid in a candy store!"

Looking outward to nourish one's faith is not unusual for a Catholic or a Christian, but St. Teresa of Avila has an interesting take on "Seeking God."

St. Teresa of Avila

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Soul, you must seek yourself in Me

And in yourself seek Me

With such skill, soul,

Love could portray you in Me

That a painter well gifted

Could never show

So finely that image.

For love you were fashioned

Deep within me

Painted so beautiful, so fair;

If, my beloved, I should lose you,

Soul, in yourself seek Me.

Well I know that you will discover

Yourself portrayed in my heart

So lifelike drawn

It will be a delight to behold Yourself portrayed in my heart

So lifelike drawn

It will be a delight to behold

Yourself so well painted.

And should by chance you do not know

Where to find Me,

Do not go here and there;

But if you wish to find Me,

In yourself seek Me.

Soul, since you are My room,

My house and dwelling,

If at any time,

Through your distracted ways

I find the door tightly closed,

Outside yourself seek Me not,

To find Me it will be

Enough only to call Me,

Then quickly will I come,

And in yourself seek Me.

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