"Les Misérables": A Commentary by Fr. Barron

This video commentary of Les Misérables by Fr. Barron is probably as close as I'm going to get to seeing the movie.

I have to make a confession here, so to speak. I do not like musicals. I've never seen one all the way through. The other day, while flipping through the channels, West Side Story was on. It was the closing scene, and as it unfolded, I realized, I had never seen it.

When Jesus Christ Superstar hit the theaters, all my friends and I went to the show.  None of us were Christians.  We were there to make fun of the movie.  And as much as I still love that soundtrack, it was torture for me to sit through that film.

Jesus Christ Superstar

Image from Widipedia

I haven't read the massive novel by Victor Hugo, but 1200 plus pages is a breeze compared to sitting through a musical for me. I do believe I would be "miserable" all the way through Les Misérables.

Most people that I know who have seen it, absolutely love it and have encouraged me to go see it. Even those who know my aversion to musicals. Fr. Barron's commentary does intrigue me, so we'll see.

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