Combining Your New Year's Resolutions With Your Catholic Faith

Whenever I'm surfing the internet looking for something, I always get distracted and find something else!  More times than not, this is a good thing.

I loved Melissa Knoblett-Aman's article tying in our New Year's Resolutions with the Catholic faith.  It made so much sense!  Her suggestions are simple and easy to do and I think most people would be eager to follow even one of them:

Prayer – Add more prayer to your daily life. There are many ways to pray. Traditional prayers like the Rosary , talking to our Lord, admiring his wonderful creations, quieting yourself in the presence of God through centering prayer are only a few ways to enrich your life with daily prayer. Get a daily prayer book or daily Catholic devotions book… and read it. Living Faith is an excellent resource.

Faith Formation – No matter how old you are (children and adults alike), there are religious education programs designed to deepen your faith knowledge and formation. Find out what your parish offers and join a program or Bible Study group.

Be Active and Get Involved – Going to Mass on Sunday is only part of being a Catholic Christian. There are so many ministries within the Catholic Church and all of them need volunteers to keep them running.

What ministries are offered within your parish?
What interests you?
Do you see a need within your parish that’s not being met?

Talk to your pastor, you might just be able to initiate bringing a new ministry into your parish community.

Attend Mass – Of course we should always try to attend Mass on Sundays and other Holy Days of Obligation, but daily Mass is celebrated in most parishes. Try to attend Mass as often as your schedule will allow. What better way to start the day than with our Lord?

Take Your Christianity with You – Don’t leave it in the church pew when you leave Mass. Strive to live as Jesus commands us to do so. By enriching your Catholic faith through going to Mass, attending faith formation programs, spending time with our Lord in daily prayer and being involved in your parish community, you will have more knowledge and tools to accomplish this goal.

You can find the whole article by Melissa Knoblett-Aman here.

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